Stat 490 syllabus

Special Topics


Bulletin Description Selected topics in advanced undergraduate applied

statistics. This course may be repeated for a maximum of six credits.

Past Texts

Applied Statistics and the SAS Programming Language. By Ronald P. Cody and Jeffrey K. Smith, 4th edition, Prentice Hall

Modern Applied Statistics with S. By W. N. Venables and B.D. Ripley, 4th edition, Springer

Coverage Material to be selected by the instructor


Learning Objectives This course is primarily intended for advanced

undergraduate students in engineering, physical sciences, life sciences and

statistics first year graduate students. Some popular statistical software, such as

SAS, S-Plus and R, will be introduced and topics will cover inputting data,

analyzing categorical data, correlation and regression, ANOVA, T-Test and non-

parametric comparisons, visualization of multivariate data.


Last Updated February 18, 2014