Stat 415 syllabus

Statistical Quality Control and Reliability

Bulletin description Probability distributions in quality control, inferences about

process quality, control charts for attributes and variables, process capability

analysis, economic design of control charts, cusum charts, acceptance sampling

by attributes and variables, reliability concepts, censoring, definitions and

properties of survival distributions, methods of estimating and comparing

reliability distributions, Kaplan-Meier estimation, burn-in models with a major

emphasis on computer-assisted data analysis.


Prerequisite Any 300 level ST course. Computer Lab fee.


Text  Montgomery, Introduction to Statistical Quality Control 4th edition, John Wiley and Sons.

Coverage Chapter 1-9 and 14, 15.

Learning Objectives This course is designated to provide an introduction to

the basic concepts and techniques of statistical quality control and reliability.

Help the students to understand the statistical process monitoring and

acceptance sampling.


Last Updated February 18, 2014