Stat 345 syllabus

Sampling and Survey Techniques

Bulletin Description: Sampling concepts and designs for survey investigations; sampling methodologies including applications of simple random, stratified, one-and two-stage cluster, and systematic sampling; sample size determination; ratio and regression estimation; population size estimation; random response modeling; acceptance sampling including applications of single and multiple 2-class attribute sampling plans; computer-assisted data analysis using appropriate statistical software.

Prerequisite: ST 210 or ST 315 or ST 320.

Text: Elementary Survey Sampling by Schaeffer, Mendenhall and Ott, 5th edition, PWS-Kent Publishers (1996).

Coverage: Material to be selected by the instructor

Learning Objectives: The purpose of this course is to provide advanced undergraduates, graduate students and working professionals with a comprehensive introduction to various sample survey techniques and their associated methods of inference with special emphasis on practical applications.

Additionally, significant coverage will be allotted to acceptance sampling by attributes. Statistical computer software is intended to enhance facility with applications of the various techniques covered.


Last Updated February 18, 2014