Stat 335 syllabus

Applied Regression Analysis

Bulletin Description:   Simple, polynomial and multiple linear regression; residual and lack-of-fit analysis; simple, multiple, and partial and multiple-partial correlation analysis; model building algorithms, dummy variables; analysis of covariance; model comparisons; analysis of experimental designs including messy data; nonlinear regression models; computer-assisted data analysis using appropriate statistical software.

Prerequisite:   ST210 or ST315 or ST320. Computer Lab Fee.

Text:   Regression Analysis by Example, 5th edition, by S. Chatteyee and Ali S. Published by Wiley. ISBN: 978-0-470-90584-5


All or parts of Chapters 1-10 and case studies 13-17 of the textbook mentioned above.  Sections from Chapter 9 are introduced as time permits. 


Chapter 1

2.0 weeks

Chapter 2

0.5 week

Chapter 3

1.5 weeks

Chapter 4

2.0 weeks

Chapter 5

1.5 weeks

Chapter 6

1.0 weeks

Chapter 7

1.0 week

Chapter 8

1.0 week

Chapter 10

1.5 weeks

Case studies

1.0 week



Last Updated February 18, 2014