Math 508 syllabus

Advanced Partial Differential Equations

Course Description: A continuation of MA 507 with more emphasis on theory of partial differential equations, as well as their applications in physics and engineering problems

Suggested Text: Advanced Engineering Mathematics by Michael D. Greenberg, 2nd edition

Coverage: Chapters 17 - 20 (some sections omitted) and possible selected sections from other chapters.

Learning outcomes
: Upon the successful completion of the course a student will:

Understand the fundamental definitions and different types of boundary conditions associated with partial differential equations.
Understand the classification of second order linear (or semi-linear) PDEs.
Understand the Fourier concepts: Fourier series, Fourier integration, Fourier transform and Sine & Cosine Fourier transforms.
Apply an appropriate Fourier method or separation variables to solve the diffusion equation, wave equation and Laplace’s equation
Understand the numerical solution processes for PDEs using Finite Difference Methods
and the Finite Element Method