Math 505 syllabus

Mathematical Problem-Solving

Bulletin Course Description:  

An in-depth activity based approach to the methods and strategies for mathematical problem solving for students in Mathematical Education.  Problems selected from logic, algebra, analysis, geometry, combinatorics, number theory and probability. This course is designed for students in the College of Education and Professional Studies.

Prerequisite:   Permission of the instructor.

Text:   Mathematical Circles (Russian Experience) by Dmitri Fomin, Sergey Genkin, Ilia Itenberg. Mathematical World, Vol. 7, The American Mathematical Society. Publication

Date:  1996, ISBN-10: 0821804308, ISBN-13: 978-0821804308

Course Coverage:   Chapters 0-9, 11, 12, 17

Learning Objectives:

The importance of teaching problem solving and reasoning is emphasized in the recently adopted Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice.  This course is designed for students in the College of Education and Professional Studies.   Students will gain sound problem solving and reasoning skills.

Students will gain the confidence to tackle open-ended math problems.  Students will be able to promote problem solving as a way of learning, thinking about, and practicing mathematics in their classrooms.  Students will be able to initiate student-centered, inquiry-based pedagogies in their classrooms.  Students will be better prepared to implement the “Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice" in their classroom.


Last Updated March 10, 2014