Math 113 syllabus

Precalculus Trigonometry 

Bulletin Description

Continuation of MA 112. Topics include numerical, graphical and algebraic properties of trigonometric functions, inverse trigonometric functions, right angle trigonometry, parametric equations, polar coordinates, and conic sections. Development and application of mathematical models to real-world situations is emphasized. Credit for both MA 113 and MA 115 not allowed. Core Course.

Course Pre-requisites  C or better in MA 112, or a sufficient Mathematics Placement Exam score, or a sufficient ACT Mathematics subscore.

Text Precalculus: A Right Triangle Approach 4th edition, Beecher, Bittinger, Penna 

Calculator A Texas Instruments TI30XII-S scientific calculator is required.

 Goals and Objectives

  • Understanding of trigonometric functions in terms of arc length on unit circle and in terms of ratios of lengths of sides in a right triangle.
  • Algebraic skills necessary to solve equations involving trigonometric functions and to obtain standard forms for conic equations.
  • Reasoning and sketching skills for survey and bearing applications of trigonometry and for reading standard form equations for conics from graphs or graphing these from equations.
  • Graphing trigonometric functions emphasizing amplitude,  period,  phase and vertical shifts as they correspond to stretch, compression and shifts discussed in MA 112.


Weekly Topic Coverage

  • Week 1=  Sec. 6.1:  Trig Functions of Acute Angles
  • Week 2= Sec. 6.2:  Applications of Right triangles; Sec. 6.3: Trig Functions of Any Angle 
  • Week 3= Sec. 6.4:  Radian Measure
  • Week 4= Sec. 6.5:  Circular Functions
  • Test #1
  • Week 5= Sec. 6.6:  Graphing
  • Week 6= Sec. 7.1:  Identities
  • Week 7= Sec. 7.2:  Identities Continued; Sec. 7.3: Proving Identities
  • Week 8= Sec. 7.4:  Inverse Trig Function
  • Week 9= Sec. 7.5:  Solving Trig Equation
  • Test #2
  • Week 10= Sec. 8.1:  Law of Sines; Sec. 8.2: Law of Cosines 
  • Week 11= Sec. 10.1:  The Parabola; Sec. 10.2: The Ellipse
  • Week 12= Sec. 10.3:  The Hyperbola
  • Test #3
  • Week 12= Sec. 8.4:  Polar Graphing
  • Week 13= Sec. 10.6:  Polar Equations of Conic 
  • Week 14= Sec. 8.5:  Vectors 
  • Final Exam

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