Departmental Committee Assignments 2022-23 

Advisory: Lewis (3), E. Pavelescu (2), (Spring Replacement: Clontz), Mishra (1) 

  • With input from faculty, lead the task of developing long-term goals for the department that are in line with the university and college goals.
  • Annual objectives for the department.
  • Hiring strategy to fill vacant positions.
  • Update department By-laws. 

Assessment: LIOI, Lewis, Whiston, Brick

  • Prepare and submit the assessment plan for 2022-23 by the end of September (including DS).
  • Discuss results and plans with the department.
  • Coordinate and compile assessment results from core courses.
  • Compile and analyze pretest and posttest results (where appropriate)

Colloquium: FELDVOSS, Wilbert, Atutey 

  • Manage department colloquiums and seminars.
  • Organize Mishra Memorial Lectures.
  • Maintain colloquia/seminar information on the department website. Advertise them.

Computer: PRAMANIK, Darby, A. Pavelescu 

  • Manage software licenses for the department
  • Oversee requirements of computer labs.
  • Develop a plan to update technology in classrooms.
  • Make recommendations about technology needed for teaching and research.
  • Manage the department webpage and facebook account.

Curriculum: DASINGER, Prokhorov, Abeynanda, Whiston 

  • Examine current curriculum. Identify ways to make the major more attractive and our graduates more marketable.
  • Work with Assessment Committee on determining the means of assessing coverage of sufficient applications in Calculus and DE sequence and reporting of it.
  • Update all course syllabi on web.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee: BINDELE, Khair, Clontz, Chilukuri 

Graduate: LEWIS, Bindele, DiPasquale, Feldvoss 

  • Develop a proposal for expanding graduate program by increasing the number of Graduate students in the program and the number of course offerings.
  • Coordinate efforts for recruiting more Graduate students.
  • Coordinate efforts for obtaining more funding to support the graduate program.
  • Collect information about potential employers for math/stat graduates and what they expect from these students.
  • Track our past graduate students (for SACS report)

Library: ATUTEY, Furno 

  • Oversee development of Library holdings.

Outreach: CLONTZ, Furno, Waites, Adams

  • Liaison with Bishop, MCPSS, and peer departments regarding coverage and presentation of mathematics courses. 
  • Coordinate departmental recruiting efforts in the local high schools and regional universities in association with Student Affairs Committee.
  • Develop polices for more faculty involvement in newly developed Academies in MCPSS high schools.

Scholarship: STRAUB, Brick, Mishra, Wilbert 

  • Coordinate selection procedures with Student Affairs Committee and recommend students for departmental Scholarships/Awards.
  • Oversee Nash competition.
  • Identify and encourage students to apply for different scholarships. Help Students with the application process.
  • Maintain online scholarship records and update requirements.

Social: WATTIER, Chilukuri, Khair, Pereira De Andrade 

  • Organize holiday party, end-of-year picnic, and other social events in the department as needed.

Student Affairs: A. PAVELESCU, Adams, Colarusso, Farmer (student rep: ****) 

  • Identify ways to attract more majors.
  • Revive USA Chapter of Math Honor Society 
  • Organize departmental representation and display at the “USA Day” 
  • Organize activities for Mathematics Awareness Month (April)
  • Host State Math Contest in Mobile.

Dept. Promotion and Reappointment Committee Chair: Prokhorov

Promotion Sub-committee:

  • Adams: DASINGER, Feldvoss, Prokhorov

Reappointment Sub-committee:

  • Abeynanda: BRICK, Colarusso, E. Pavelescu
  • Adams: DASINGER, Feldvoss, Prokhorov
  • Atutey: MISHRA, Bindele, Straub
  • Chilukuri:FARMER, Byrne, Darby
  • Darby: A. PAVELESCU, Byrne, Clontz
  • DiPasquale: STRAUB, Colarusso, A. Pavelescu, 
  • Furno: CLONTZ, Byrne, Straub
  • Lioi: BINDELE, Brick, Feldvoss
  • Pereira De Andrade: WATTIER, Farmer, Feldvoss
  • Pramanik: BINDELE, Feldvoss, Mishra
  • Waites: MISHRA, Brick, Darby
  • Wilbert: COLARUSSO, Feldvoss, A. Pavelescu

Course Coordinators:

  • MA110: Dasinger
  • MTH100: Whiston
  • MA112: Farmer
  • MA113: Waites
  • MA120: Adams
  • MA125, MA126, MA227: Byrne
  • ST210: Waites