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History Courses Summer Semester 2022
HY 101  Western Civilization I (Online, Full Session)
HY 102  Western Civilization II  (Online, Full Sesson)
HY 104  Asian Civilization II (Online, Full Session)
HY 135  U.S. History to 1877  (Online, Full Session)
HY 136  U.S. History Since 1877  (Online, Full Session)
HY 310  American Environmental History (Writing Intensive) (Online, Full Session) 
HY 338 History of Russia (Online, First June Session)  
HY 435/535 Civil War and Reconstruction (Online, Full Session) 
History Courses Fall Semester 2022
HY 101 Western Civilization I (Multiple sections, Blended) 
HY 102 Western Civilization II (Multiple sections, Blended and Online) 
HY 103 Asian Civilization I (F2F) 
HY 122 World Civilizations II (F2F)
HY 135 U.S. History to 1877 (Multiple sections, F2F, Blended, Online)  
HY 136 U.S. History since 1877 (Multiple sections, F2F, Blended, Online) 
HY 305 History of Military Thought (Writing Intensive, Blended) 
HY 355 French Revolution (Blended) 
HY 366 Traditional China (F2F) 
HY 377 African American Experiences 
HY 390 Special Topics -- History of Spain (F2F)
HY 443 Research Seminar -- Black in Latin America (F2F) 
HY 457/557 Studies in European History -- Race, Migration and Identity in Europe (F2F) 
HY 465/565 Studies in Islamic Civilization -- Myth, Magic and Miracle in Islam (F2F)
HY 477/577 The Old South (Blended) 
HY 496/596 Introduction to Public History (F2F) 
HY 540 European Historiography (F2F) 

Teaching Modes

F2F = Face-to-Face

Web Blended: online + 16% to 84% face-to-face

Web Online: at least 85% online and, generally, with no scheduled class times.