Robert Coleman

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Robert Coleman | Associate Professor

Assistant Dean of Arts & Sciences. Specializes in digital humanities, U. S. literatures, literary aesthetics, and rhetorics. Editor of Studies in American Culture.

HUMB 118  |  460-6280  |


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  • "Reframing Historical Fantasies in James Branch Cabell’s The Cream of the Jest." Studies in American Culture. Volume 30, Number 1, October 2007. 44-63.
  • Everyday Theory: A Contemporary Reader. Edited by Becky McLaughlin and Bob Coleman. New York: Pearson Longman, 2005.
  • "A Connecticut Yankee, Narratives of Legitimacy, and the Rhetoric of No Rhetoric in English Studies." Connecticut Review. Fall 2003. 29-41.
  • "'a new color just invented': Anomaly and Novelty in To the White Sea." The James Dickey Newsletter. Volume 19, Number 2, Spring 2003. 2-11.
  • Making Sense: Constructing Knowledge in the Arts and Sciences. Edited by Coleman, Brittenham, Campbell, and Girard. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2002, 2005.

Studies in American Culture