Frequently Asked Questions

▼   Do I have to use this software?
In order to request a facility on campus, you need to use EMS. We believe that EMS simplifies the process for requesting facilities.
▼   Is EMS the system for academic scheduling?
EMS is not the system for academic scheduling. The purpose of EMS is to create better coordination of University events, provide greater transparency to our Campus Police force about University events, and enhance the USA brand to USA and the external community.  The academic schedule does get input into EMS on a regular basis to avoid potential double booking conflicts.
▼   What is Administrator training and why is it mandatory? 
Administrator training is primarily for building managers who have complex/intricate building requirements requiring software customization. To receive a list of our administrators, please click on the Events Management Administrators link to the left. This training is mandatory because this step is critical to ensuring the system fully meets the University’s needs.
▼   What does “launch” mean and when did we launch?

Launch means to start or introduce, and it includes the three following components::

  • The EMS software (reservations/events management scheduling software)
  • The Office of Special Events website
  • The EMS Master special events calendar

The University of South Alabama officially launched the EMS System campus wide in August 2016.

▼   What happened after the initial launch?
We realize that once we launched these three components we will likely need to make modifications in response to your feedback. We encourage you to document any challenges you experience with the system. Please email us at if you experience any issues with the EMS System or have questions about reservations or the Master Calendar.