Student Resources and Outreach Committee

Student Resources and Development Committee Members


The Student Resources and Development committee focuses on enhancing, increasing and advertising resources available on campus to students. For example, this year our committee worked on the development of the Jag Pantry and of the Student Discount Directory. In the past, the aim of this committee was to develop more community service, but last year and this year we have been working on campus resource development. Members show special interest in community service and campus outreach.

Committee Projects Thus Far:

Student Discount Directory:

The purpose of the Student Discount Directory is to provide first-year students with a resource that helps them patron businesses around Mobile that will directly cater to them.

Jag Pantry:

The Student Resources and Development Committee works with Donor to Diner to help organize and coordinate the Jag Pantry, which is a resource for students who need access to food and hygiene products.

Mentorship Panel:

The Student Resources and Development Committee recognized the need for a type of mentorship from involved upperclassmen for first year students on campus and so created a program where student leaders on campus can connect and advise interested first year students.