Export Control Policy and Resources

USA Export Control Policy as stated in the USA Export Control Manual (pdf):

The University of South Alabama will comply with all applicable export controls as established by federal regulations. Export controls restricting a foreign national’s participation in university research within the United States generally do not apply to the conduct or results of fundamental research.  Such practices, as defined and stipulated, include openly conducted basic and applied research in science and engineering that is not subject to access, dissemination, or participation restrictions of any sort.

However, in the case of shipments of tangible items, software, or information controlled by federal agencies outside the U.S., travel of persons outside the U.S, or projects that accept restrictions based upon nationality or publication, USA has a responsibility to:

  1. Conduct a technical review; and if necessary
  2. Document an express determination that an exception to export licensing is applicable; or
  3. Obtain an export license; or
  4. Develop a Technology Control Plan with the Principal Investigator

Export Controls Compliance Policy

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