Conflict of Interest and Commitment

The University of South Alabama strives to conduct its activities in ways that promote and maintain public trust, and project its values of integrity, transparency, and scholarship.  The University is committed to ensuring conflicts of interest and conflicts of commitment do not interfere with the openness and productivity of academic and research scholarly works. While the University allows and encourages members of its community to engage in external activities and relationships that enhance the mission of the university, on occasion this may give rise to conflicts of interest, whether potential or actual, perceived or alleged.  Applicable members of the University community are required to recognize and disclose conflicts of interests or the perception of conflicts and to ensure that such conflicts are properly managed, such that employee’s institutional responsibilities are free from bias and inappropriate influence. 

Beginning October 2020, applicable members of the University community are required to complete an annual disclosure in COI Risk Manager to report their financial and other interests which reasonably relate to their institutional responsibilities. Disclosures must be updated annually and within 30 days of discovering any new interest or relationship.