Export Control Training

The University of South Alabama provides an online Export Control Compliance Training through CITI (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative).  Click to access CITI or create a new user account

The Export Control Compliance Training is required for all Faculty/Researchers, Students, Research Administration, Human Resources, Purchasing Department/Procurement, and International Programs.  The course is made of several detailed modules that provide comprehensive information on export control compliance.  There are sets of modules created for you to choose from depending on your title/department. 

Export Control training is required for researchers who have a Technology Control Plan. USA requires that all students, faculty and staff who are working on projects that include export controlled technical data, information, materials, equipment, and software be trained by the Office of Research Compliance and Assurance (ORCA) so that the entire research team is informed, aware, and understands their compliance obligations and responsibilities by formalizing university procedures to safeguard export-controlled data, information, equipment, and software as outlined in the TCP for that project.

The Principal Investigator is responsible for making sure that all his/her students and staff receive the training required prior to beginning any work on the project and the ORCA is responsible for conducting the training.

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