University Mass Email

Our Daily Digest email system is available through the “Login” portal, which is accessed through the top menu bar on any page of the USA website: Faculty & Staff. Log in using your J# and your JagNet password. 

There are a number of features with this system, including:

  • a menu for selecting the correct audiences for your email;
  • formatting that allows you to customize your text and insert hyperlinks to USA websites only;
  • a preview and test function, so you can view a copy of your email before it is distributed;
  • and a “my messages” function that allows you to see the approval and delivery status of your emails and access an archive of your previously sent messages.

When you first log into the system, please review the policies on the home page, as well as the Frequently Asked Questions under the MY SETTINGS menu. If you have additional questions after reviewing these sections, there is a “Submit a Question” button on the website, which will route your questions to the appropriate person for a response.

University Mass Email Procedures: Policies and Procedures

University of South Alabama faculty, staff and students may use the University-wide mass email system to communicate official University business with the University community. The Office of Marketing and Communications reviews and distributes all mass emails submitted during regular business hours. 

University Mass Email messages are distributed Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday through the Daily Digest. Employees and students who prefer to receive individual email messages which will arrive at varying times of the day may change their settings at  Opting out of emails altogether is not allowed. Emails addressing issues of safety and other high priority items will still be sent individually regardless of your Daily Digest setting.  

Emails to the Mass Email system generally will appear in the Daily Digest the following morning if received by 3 p.m., with the exception of Monday (messages must be received by Friday at 3 p.m.). There is no Daily Digest on Wednesdays. Messages received Tuesday and Wednesday will appear in Thursday’s Daily Digest. 

Important Points:

  • Choose the group/recipients for your particular message carefully.
  • Type a brief, meaningful subject in the block provided. (Text only)
  • Type your message in the block provided exactly as you want it to appear.
  • There is a two message limit for all programs and events. 
  • Ensure that all pertinent information is included in your message: who, what, where, when (specific date, not “today,” “tomorrow,” or “yesterday”), email, etc.
  • Messages may not be used to promote non-USA affiliated events or non-Registered Student Organizations.
  • Emails that include surveys must first be sent for review to:  You will be notified when a survey has been approved. Approvals must be emailed to prior to message submission.
  • Please include all information in the body of the email, or a link (URL) to a University of South Alabama web page only. If you need assistance with a Web page, contact Web Services at (251) 460-6161. 
    In general, links to external sites are not allowed
  • Carefully proofread your message and test links for errors before submitting.

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