Contact Us - Main Campus

Jim Berscheidt
Vice President of Marketing & Communications
(251) 460-6211
Danielle Swindle
Executive Assistant
(251) 460-6634
Media Relations and Public Relations
Lance Crawford
Director of Media Relations
(251) 460-7682
Joy Washington
Director of Public Relations
(251) 460-6638
Creative Services
Diana Nichols
Director of Creative Services
(251) 460-6640
Ian Harbaugh
Assistant Director of Online Communications
(251) 461-1390
Kim Lovvorn
Assistant Director of Creative Services
(251) 460-7208
James Palomo
Associate Director of Video Services
(251) 460-6636
Katherine Wildberger
Video Production Coordinator
(251) 460-7248
Digital and Strategic Marketing
Jeb Schrenk
Director of Digital and Strategic Communications
(251) 460-6633
Jamie Anthony
Social Media and Digital Marketing Coordinator
(251) 460-6639
Thomas Becnel
Assistant Director of Strategic Communications
(941) 315-0595
University Marketing
Laura Burton
Director, Development and Alumni Relations
(251) 460-7839
Amber Day
Associate Director, College of Arts & Sciences and College of Education and Professional Studies
(251) 460-7091
Kasey Langley
Assistant Director, College of Nursing and Pat Capps Covey College of Allied Health Professions
(251) 460-6385