Audit Reporting Process

At the completion of each audit, a written report is issued to appropriate entity or departmental contacts, USA senior leadership as well as to the USA Audit Committee, communicating the results of the audit.  Reports go through a drafting and finalization process providing the opportunity for review, update and response.

Preliminary Draft

This is the first draft and includes the preliminary results of audit fieldwork. This draft is sent to the operational contacts and is the opportunity for the department or management to provide additional information, documentation or clarification regarding the observations of the audit that will support changes to the report.

Draft for Management Response

This is the updated report which includes changes made as a result of information, documentation or clarification received after the preliminary draft report was issued and includes a request for management responses for the recommendations included in the report.

Official Draft

This is the report updated to include the management responses provided. This draft is sent to the appropriate management and operational personnel. 

Final Report

This is the final version of the report and will be issued to the full distribution indicated in the report, including the Audit Committee of the Board of Trustees.


Internal audit reports are intended solely for the information and use of management of USA Health, the University or the entity or department, and not intended to be used by others. Copies of completed audit reports are provided, as requested, to the Office of the Examiner of Public Accounts, as well as to the USA external accounting firm.