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Looking Within & Looking Beyond | May 8-10, 2023

The ILC hosts the annual South Alabama Conference on Teaching and Learning to reach a diverse audience of educators and scholars who convene to share and engage with innovative instructional practices.

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Building Resilience and Promoting Equity

Prolonged pandemic instruction has deeply affected higher education, exposing ongoing equity gaps and leading to a rise in stress and exhaustion for students and educators, alike. How can we be exclusive to taking care of ourselves, while also being inclusive in taking care of our students?
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Innovations in Learning: Creative Solutions for Challenging Times

Teaching during the pandemic presented a dynamic set of obstacles, forcing us to rethink our instructional practices to design inventive, yet practical and accessible, solutions.

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Fall Faculty Showcase December 10, 2020

Our Fall Faculty Showcase is a mini-conference highlighting the creative teaching practices the USA faculty have developed to address our current learning environment. Presentations address multiple teaching components including Assessment, Course Organization, and Instructional Delivery.


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Building Community: Digital Resources & Innovative Pedagogies

CoTL 2020's theme encourages us to think about the ways in which we design, build, & sustain communities of learners. How do we create & maintain a sense of belonging? This factor has been shown in the research on student retention to be a powerful indicator of student progression towards a degree.
2019 COTL
PE Conference/CoTL 2019

For 2019, we're pleased to announce that Conference on Teaching and Learning is paring with Process Education Conference to provide a joint event that covers a wide range of teaching and learning practices and ideas.

COTL 2018
Partnerships & Pedagogies: Engagement, Innovation, Impact

The CoTL Steering Committee is pleased to invite you to the 8th Annual South Alabama Conference on Teaching and Learning. The theme for CoTL this year is "Partnerships & Pedagogies: Engagement, Innovation, Impact”.