International Travel for Faculty & Staff

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University Related International Travel for Faculty & Staff

All business related international travel by faculty and staff should be registered with Global USA. Please see the information below to begin your travel registration process.  

Faculty and staff participating in University related international travel will complete this form as well as the regular permission to travel process required by the University. 

Once Global USA has reviewed your International Travel Registration, you will receive an email notification that your status has been changed.  You will then log back into your application and print the page to attach to your official request for leave, absence, or travel and submit to the appropriate department, college, or administrative unit for approval.  Note that your International Travel Registration will only be accepted if your status reads "Approved by B. Ard."

All business related travel must meet the University's international travel policy outlined here.

For additional information and regulations on international travel, please visit University Travel.

For information regarding export control, please see the Best Practices for Academics Traveling Overseas, the USA Export Control Management Policy, and the Office of Research Compliance and Assurance.

Personal International Travel for Faculty & Staff (Non-University Related)

Personal, or non-University related, international travel is registered to the University, but does not require approvals nor is it tracked for risk management.

To register personal international travel click here