Travel Services

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Current Mileage Rate

Effective January 1, 2024 the personal car mileage rate is 67 cents per mile. 


The Travel Services Office of the University of South Alabama is located in the Procurement Card and Travel Office, Technology and Research Park, Building 3, Suite 1400. Its purpose is to provide guidance to travelers and approvers of travel forms concerning the University's policies and procedures for the reimbursement of travel and related expenses. Travelers should consult with the Travel Services Office or the University Travel and Entertainment Regulations prior to embarking on any business related trips. 

Timely Filing

Travel forms requesting reimbursement of an expense should be filed within sixty (60) days of the date the expense is paid. The University reserves the right not to reimburse expenses on travel forms submitted 60 days or more after the date the expense is paid. Reimbursements made where the travel forms are filed subsequent to 60 days after the date the expense is paid will be treated as income subject to withholding according to federal income tax regulations section 1.62-2. Taxable travel should be charged to account code 730100.

Travel Service Providers

The University of South Alabama has entered into an agreement with Corporate Travel Planners (CTP) and Travel Leaders (formerly Springdale Travel) to provide travel services for those University employees that travel for the University.

Click Corporate Travel Planners (CTP) to access their website. Or call +1 (844) 387-3530.

Click Travel Leaders (formerly Springdale Travel) to access their website. Or call +1 (833) 827-7726.