The University of South Alabama has a fiduciary responsibility to ensure University resources are used responsibly and that individuals do not incur inappropriate or excessive expenses, or gain financially from traveling on University business. These Travel and Entertainment Regulations have been developed in accordance with laws of the State of Alabama and the Internal Revenue Service. The regulations apply to University employees, students and any other individuals traveling on approved, official University business.

These regulations are issued and maintained by the University Business Office for the following purposes:

  • To communicate the University's policies and procedures for travel and entertainment expenditures to travelers and approvers of travel expenditures.
  • To describe the types of expenditures that are reimbursed by the University, and inform employees of their responsibility to control and report travel expenditures.
  • To provide guidance to employees on University policies and procedures for entertainment expenditures.

The University will reimburse employees who travel on authorized University business for in-state travel expenses in accordance with the Alabama in-state travel law (Alabama Code Section #36-7-20). The University will reimburse employees who travel on authorized University business for actual and necessary expenses for out-of-state travel in accordance with the provisions of the Alabama out-of-state travel law (Alabama Code Section #36‑7‑21).

It is expected that employees will use prudent judgment when incurring University expenses for travel purposes. Anyone traveling on University business is expected to exercise the same economy that a practical person would exercise when traveling on personal business. Excessive costs or unjustifiable costs are not acceptable and will not be reimbursed. The individual requesting reimbursement from the University is responsible for ensuring that his or her expense and related reimbursement request complies with all applicable laws and regulations, is properly authorized, and is supported with necessary receipts and other documentation.

The Travel policy is available in PDF (Click here to access). The documented policy will be followed should there be any differences found between the Travel website and the documented policy.