International University Agreements

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USA partners with universities throughout the world to facilitate student exchange, conduct research, keep up with academic trends, and share innovations.

A partnership may be codified through an agreement known as a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), an International Exchange (IE) Agreement, or other specific international agreement.  Please note that all agreements should be delivered to OIE before the University Attorney.

  • The MOU is a broad agreement in which USA and a partner express an intention to engage in cooperative academic or research activities.
  • The IE agreement involves a specific commitment for cooperative international academic and research activities, usually related to student or bi-lateral exchange.
  • Other agreements may be necessary to create dual degree or other programs.

The Office of International Education, in conjunction with academic departments and the University Attorney, will facilitate the process of reviewing and approving international agreements.  If you are interested in developing an international agreement or partnership, please contact OIE for more information.