DUO Two-Factor Authentication

The University of South Alabama is utilizing Duo Security’s two-factor authentication solution in order to better protect its users. Two-factor authentication requires something the user knows (a password) and something the user has (a cellphone for example) . Utilizing two-factor adds another layer of security and greatly reduces the risk of account and system compromise.

DUO Self-Service Portal

The DUO self-service portal allows users to enroll into DUO two factor authentication and maintain their own devices. You can use this portal to view your current devices, enroll new devices, change your preferred authentication method, re-active them, and more. 

Get Started

Open any web browser and navigate to ‘https://duo.southalabama.edu’. Log in with your Jag Number and JagNet password. After you are signed in, following the self-registration process.

What is Two-Factor Authentication?