Mental Health Services and Resources for Students during COVID-19

Self Help

Support and resources for anxiety,  depression, adjusting to changes, relationships and more. 

Click Here for Self Help

Coping Skill of the Week

 Distance Counseling Resources

Links to resources for telemental health counseling, phone and text support, and crisis support

Click here for handout: Distance Counseling and Hotline Supports

Mental Health Apps

Numerous mental health apps exist to support and encourage positive mental health practices. Many of these are free and available for download on your device

Click Here for Mental Health Apps

 Managing Stress and Anxiety during COVID-19

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention COVID-19 resource page related to mental health and coping

Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook

Mental Health America's COVID-19 resource page

including a medication management resource page

Crisis and Emergency

In the case of a mental health emergency, students should call 911 or contact the emergency department. 

Click for Crisis Hotlines

Emotional Support Help Line for COVID-19

Free access to specially trained mental health specialists to support people experiencing anxiety or stress around COVID-19.

Mobile (AL) community resources

Here are some community resources for students as well as some additional information on USA resources

Additional Community Resources


Information on Social Distancing

Things to do while Social Distancing

Craving carbs and sleeping badly while social distancing? Read this

Can't afford internet
Check this out  


Is there any good news about the corona virus pandemic? YES, click here.

UCWC Coping Skills for COVID-19 Presentation

Resource links from the PP Slides