Myths and Truths about Counseling

Myth 1: If I go to UCTC, my family, professors, and future employers will find out.

Truth: All services received at UCTC are completely private and confidential.

Myth 2: UCTC only sees students with health insurance or who can afford it.

Truth: All services received at the UCTC are completely free and no health insurance or money is required.

Myth 3: Only crazy or sick people go to the UCTC.

Truth: All students can benefit from the services provided by the UCTC regardless of the severity of symptoms.

Myth 4: My problems aren’t bad enough, others have it worse off than me.

Truth: Any problem or struggle in life can lead to significant academic and personal consequences if not attended to, so there is no problem “too small” to consider working on at the UCTC.

Myth 5: If I go to the UCTC, it is a sign of failure.

Truth: Beginning counseling is a sign of a commitment to your own growth and success in life, it is a way of maximizing your potential in life.

Myth 6: If I go to the UCTC and don’t like it, I will be forced to continue.

Truth: No student is ever required to attend counseling sessions, and you can discontinue counseling at any time.