Intramurals Closing Ceremonies

A group of people at a cookout eating and talking,


Each year, at the conclusion of the season, we host our annual South Sports Intramural Closing Ceremonies! We have food, fun, and the best prizes to offer on campus. During the event, we award outstanding teams and athletes that shine brightly during our sports. 

Fall 2023 League Champions

Flag Football

  • Phi Mu - Women and Sorority
  • The Barbenheimers - Co-Rec
  • USA Medical Residents - Men
  • Sigma Chi - Fraternity


  •  Chi Omega- Women/Sorority
  •  USA COM 27- Co-Rec
  •  The Love Bugs- Men
  • Sigma Chi - Fraternity


  • Sloppy Sets- Women
  • Kappa Delta - Sorority 
  • WhyAorta - Co-Rec
  • Pi Kappa Phi - Men

Spring 2024 League Champions

Indoor Kickball

  • Raiders


  • Sexy Reds – Co-Rec
  • Wavy Navy – Men
  • Pi Kappa Alpha – Fraternity Men
  • Phi Mu – Sorority Women


  •  Therapiss Missiles– Co-Rec
  •  Pi Kappa Alpha– Men
  •  Kappa Delta– Women

Congratulations to Kappa Delta for winning four straight Intramural softball championships! 

Sand Volleyball

  • USAVSA- Co-Rec
  • Umm IDK Yet- Women
  • Pi Kappa Phi- Fraternity Men
  • Kappa Delta- Fraternity Women