Collaborative Piano Policies and Deadlines


  • To establish a positive working relationship between music students of U.S.A. and their collaborative pianists.
  • To facilitate productive lessons and classes, as well as fulfilling musical performances.         

Music Submission Deadlines

The following deadlines represent the latest date on which the pianist must have received all relevant sheet music/scores from students. Music received after these deadlines will not be accepted. Students are asked to plan ahead and make necessary arrangements for this music to be provided to their respective pianists by all deadlines.

Degree Recitals:                      9 weeks prior to recital date

Juries:                                      5 weeks prior to jury date

Non-Covered Services

Requests for services outside of the above-listed duties and lessons (i.e. audition tape recordings, non-U.S.A. events) are not covered by students’ accompanying fees and private financial and scheduling arrangements should be made with pianists.


Check with your pianist as to their preference regarding digital versus paper copies of music. Regardless of format, photocopies must be clear and legible. Music copies with missing or cut off staves, measures, etc. will not be accepted (students are advised to lower the “copy ratio” if they are having trouble fitting all of the page contents into the copy).


Never assume a pianist is available for a performance without asking first. Open, regular communication between students and their pianists is always advisable regarding upcoming projects and plans. For recitals and juries, check with your regular pianist (who comes to your lessons) first, before checking other pianists’ availability. When in doubt, communicate! As a “golden rule:” treat your musical partners the way you would like to be treated.

Collaborative Pianist Request Form

All students requiring a collaborative pianist should fill out the Collaborative Pianist Request Form below. 


Collaborative Pianist Request Form