Student Spotlight: Dillon Sutton

Dillon Sutton

Marketing (Sales Concentration)
Graduation:  December 2017

Dillon grew up in the Tuskegee/Montgomery, Alabama area with a strong interest in business and entrepreneurship.  He had a particular interest in sales which led him to sales positions with local businesses during his college career.  Dillon has a strong commitment to leadership and discipline, as evidenced by his ROTC involvement at South, along with his work with the US Army Reserve, Department of Defense in Montgomery.  This leadership was further demonstrated as a Recruitment and Orientation lead for USA and his participation in the Upward Bound ‘Trio’ Program on campus. 

He was Vice President of the National Pan-Hellenic Council and an officer in Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and Collegiate 100.  One of his most defining moments as a South student was his study abroad experience in Costa Rica and Panama.  He gained greater appreciation for other cultures, diversity and a better understanding of how people are different but yet the same.  This one experience has encouraged him to have a goal in life to travel abroad at least once every year.  Following his commissioning on December 9, 2017, he is now a Lieutenant in the US Army Reserve.



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