Minor in Biomedical Sciences

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The Minor in Biomedical Sciences

A minor in Biomedical Sciences, requires 18 total credit hours, of which 12 must be completed in the Department of Biomedical Sciences.


Degree Requirements

Department of Biomedical Sciences 
Minor in Biomedical Sciences 
Degree Requirements

Courses 18 Credit Hours
Biochemistry I - BMD 321 or CH 440 or BLT 440 3 hours
Human Physiology - BMD 334 or BLY 350 or BMD 251 3 or 4 hours
Human Anatomy - BMD 311 or BMD 252 3 or 4 hours
BMD Electives* x hours
*Recommended to include BMD 322 or CH 441 or BLY 441


Contact Information

For more information contact the Dept. of Biomedical Sciences.