Biomedical Sciences Courses

Image of biomedical students working in a lab.


BMD Courses (Semesters Taught)

Course No. Course Name Semesters Taught
BMD 110 Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology I Fall, Summer
BMD 111 Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology II Spring, Summer
BMD 201 Seminars in Biomedical Sciences Fall, Spring
BMD 210 Microbiology in Healthcare Fall, Spring
BMD 210L Microbiology in Healthcare Lab Fall, Spring
BMD 212 Introduction to Food Science Fall
BMD 212L Introduction to Food Science Lab Fall
BMD 251 Human Anatomy & Physiology I Fall, Spring, Summer
BMD 252 Human Anatomy & Physiology II Fall, Spring, Summer
BMD 290 Special Topics - Contributions of Great Britain to Science and Medicine Summer
BMD 311 Human Anatomy Fall, Spring
BMD 321 Biochemistry I - Molecular Biology Fall, Spring
BMD 322 Biochemistry II - Metabolism Fall, Spring
BMD 323 Biochemistry Lab Fall, Spring
BMD 331 Biotechnology Skills I Fall
BMD 334 Human Physiology I Fall
BMD 335 Human Physiology II Spring
BMD 336 Physiology Lab Spring
BMD 350 Human Genetics and Genomics Spring
BMD 351 Global Health Spring
BMD 401 Immunology Fall
BMD 402 Medical Microbiology Spring
BMD 403 Molecular Basis of Cancer Fall
BMD 404 Neurobiology of Trauma Fall, Spring, Summer
BMD 411 Women's Health Fall
BMD 420 Pharmacology Spring
BMD 430 Neurosciences Fall
BMD 441 Epidemiology Fall
BMD 450 Introduction to Research Spring
BMD 451 Biotechnology Skills II Spring
BMD 490 Special Topics – Partners in Caring: Medicine in Kenya May
BMD 493 Ethical Issues in Health Fall, Spring
BMD 494* Directed Research Studies Fall, Spring, Summer
BMD 499 Honors Research Thesis Fall, Spring, Summer
BMD 501 Immunology  
BMD 502 Medical Microbiology  
BMD 536 Physiology Lab  
* Please reach out to any BMD faculty member to learn more about BMD 494 requirements and mentorship opportunities.