Need-Based Retention and Graduation Grants

Student in cap and gown holding degree smiling


USA provides retention and graduation awards to students each semester, to help cover unexpected financial shortfalls that impact a students’ ability to meet educational expenses and help prevent them from stopping their studies or dropping out.

Scholarships range in value based on need, and student level, are not renewable and most students will only be considered for an award at one point during their enrollment at USA. 

Minimum Eligibility Requirements:

  • must be classified as degree-seeking undergraduate student (first degree),
  • be enrolled full-time and/or registered for the maximum number of credits required to graduate,
  • must demonstrate financial need,
  • must be in good academic standing (Students currently on financial aid warning, probation, or suspension will not be considered.), 
  • must have a current FAFSA on file, and
  • have exhausted all other forms of aid.
▼   EBSCO Home Stretch Scholarship

The University of South Alabama, in partnership with the EBSCO Foundation, offers a scholarship that seeks to intervene when unmet financial need prevents registration or progression. Scholarships range in value based on need and student level. 

Additional Eligibility Requirements:

  • minimum 2.2 overall cumulative GPA.
  • eligible for the Federal Pell Grant, and
  • must be an Alabama resident.
  • Preference given to students at or above 75% degree completion.
▼   Jaguar Retention Scholarship

The Jaguar Retention Scholarship is a donor funded award intended to support students from the state of Alabama, when unmet need or unexpected challenges prevent them registering or persisting academically. 

Additional Eligibility Requirements:

  • minimum 2.5 overall cumulative GPA,
  • eligible for the Federal Pell Grant, and
  • must be an Alabama resident.
▼   USA Bridging the Gap Scholarship

The USA Bridging the Gap Scholarship is an institutionally funded retention award that provides limited financial support to students when unexpected, unforeseen, or unavoidable challenges prevent them from persisting academically.

Additional Eligibility Requirements:

  • a minimum 2.2 overall cumulative GPA.
▼   Graduation Grant

Graduation grants are institutionally funded completion awards, that provide limited financial support to students when unmet need may be preventing them from graduating on time. The grant is designed to off-set unmet need in a students final year and is not intended to replace or supplement financial aid. Awards range in value based on need and are not renewable.

University staff regularly review students that are on track for graduation, and have unmet financial need, for eligibility. Reviews are typically done prior to the registration period, but you may also reach out using the the South CARES Assistance Request.  A student advocate will review the students account and contact the student to discuss and set up an appointment to meet.

Additional Eligibility Requirements:

  • minimum 2.5 overall cumulative GPA.


How to Apply:

Applications are available in JagSPOT and open with future term registration each term. Completion of the application is not a guarantee of an award.