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How do I register for USA Baldwin County classes?
Registration is the same for Baldwin County classes and main campus classes.  Go to PAWS and register for classes using the course numbers (CRN) listed on our schedule of classes.  Students can also find Baldwin County under the Class Schedule Search on PAWS by clicking on ‘Session’ on the Class Schedule Search page and choosing Baldwin County.
Can I get my JAG I.D. Card here?
Jag Cards are made for all currently enrolled USA students. Students must present one form of photo ID (driver’s license, non-driver identification, passport, etc.) and current class schedule to get their Jag Card. The fee for your first ID is $10.00, but is included in your student fees.  Please allow two weeks for processing.   Students will be informed when their Jag I.D. card is ready for pick-up. 
Do I need to get a parking pass?
Parking passes are not required at the USA Baldwin County campus.  Handicapped and staff/faculty parking is clearly marked.  Students are not allowed to park at any time in the faculty/staff parking at the USA Baldwin County campus. 
Are textbooks available for purchase?
USA Baldwin County course textbooks are usually available for purchase the first two weeks of each semester.   New or used books may be available.  Students using financial aid for books must get them from the main campus bookstore.   Book buy back is only performed at the main campus. USA Bookstore 
What technology and printing services do you offer?
The Baldwin County campus provides one computer lab, a print management system, and WIFI.  Computer lab is located in the Classroom Complex.  Computer lab hours are posted at each location. Reusable TracCards are .50¢ and prints are .10¢ each. 
Can I see an advisor on this campus?
Students can call the Administration Building (251) 928-8133 for an advising appointment.  We have a general advisor, criminal justice advisor, and communication advisor.
Where do I find the campus calendar?
USA Baldwin County follows the same calendar as the main campus.  Go to: https://www.southalabama.edu/academiccalendar
What library services are available?

USA Baldwin County library services include bibliographic instruction, research and writing assistance, and access to traditional and eBooks.  The librarian also provides instruction in using University Library databases and book retrieval services, as well assistance in using Sakai.  Call (251) 928-8133, or email arand@southalabama.edu to schedule a session. 

The University provides access to over 15,000 journals, and 100,000 ebooks. Our librarian provides research, references, and bibliographic citation help as well. Find a Library Guide for your course!

Need help writing a paper or finding articles for research?  Contact the librarian, Angela Rand, at (251) 928-8133 or arand@southalabama.edu  to schedule a consultation.

Visit http://libguides.southalabama.edu/USABLibrary for library services.

How do I gain access to the fitness center?
Current students must present their Jag I.D. card to get the code to the Fitness Center.  The Fitness Center is located behind the Room 13-15 Building across from the classroom complex. 
How do I reach a security officer?
You can reach the USA Baldwin County Security Officer between the hours of 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday at (251) 472-7474.  If you need assistance before 11:00 a.m. or on Fridays, please call the Administration Building at (251) 928-8133. 
Are there food services available?
Drink machines are located in the Classroom Complex and Administration Building.  A snack machine is available in the Classroom Complex. 
Where is the student lounge?
The student lounge is located in the Classroom Complex.  It houses a refrigerator, microwave, tables, seating, and a computer. 
How do I find out where my classes will be held?
Classroom assignments are posted during the week before the semester starts. 
How do I find out if classes have been canceled due to the weather?
USA Baldwin County follows the guidelines of the main campus.   https://www.southalabama.edu/alert or call us at (251) 928-8133. 
How do I arrange a campus tour?
One of our staff would be happy to give you a tour.  Please call our office to schedule a tour at (251) 928-8133.
What classes and/or programs do you offer?
Information about courses and programs are posted at Academics.  Course offerings at the USA Baldwin County campus for each semester can be located on the schedule of classes tab .  Registration for classes on the Baldwin County campus and main campus is done through PAWS