Get Funds

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What is GET Funds?

Get Funds is a secure service providing students, faculty and staff with online account management capabilities. Privacy and security settings are used when users log-in to the site. Features of this program include:

  • View balance inquiries: Account balances can be displayed in real time.
  • Check transaction history: Transaction histories may be displayed for up to the past six months. Information displayed for each transaction includes date and time, location, account, type of transaction and transaction amount.
  • Report cards lost, found or stolen: Log onto Get Funds to submit a lost card report, immediately removing all spending privileges from the card.
  • Make online deposits: Students, guests (e.g. parents), faculty and staff may deposit money to their Jag Cash account via credit card or debit card from the convenience of their own computers.
  • View off-campus merchants accepting Jag Cash.

Minimum Deposit Amount
A minimum deposit of $25 is required for all online transactions.

Convenience Fee
There is a convenience fee of $0.25 per online transaction.


What is the difference between Bonus Bucks, Dining Dollars, and Jag Cash?

  • Bonus Bucks is money that is tied to the purchase of a meal plan. It is your “Bonus” for buying a meal plan. They do expire at the end of the school year. You can NOT add additional Bonus Bucks.
  • Dining Dollars is money that can be used at on-campus dining locations only. They DO NOT expire until graduation.
  • Jag Cash is money that can be used at on-campus dining locations, off-campus locations that participate in the Jag Cash program, USA Bookstore, and Jaguar Productions. They DO NOT expire until graduation.


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