Jag Card Frequently Asked Questions

individual handing jagcard to another person to complete a transaction

What does the Jag Card cost?

  • Undergraduate/Graduate traditional students pay for their initial Jag Card as part of their entering fees.
  • Online students do not pay for their initial Jag Card as a part of their entering fees. They must pay $10 by cash or check when receiving their initial Jag Card.
  • Replacing a lost or stolen Jag Card costs $10.
  • Replacing a damaged Jag Card costs $5. (You must turn in the damaged card or it will be treated like a lost or stolen card)

What should I do if my Jag Card is lost or stolen?
If your Jag Card is lost or stolen, go to the GET Funds website to report your card lost or stolen. You must register on GET Funds before you can use the website.

You may also contact the Jag Card office to have it deactivated at (251)460-6077. If you should find your card at a later date, please note that only your newest card will be active.

When I replace my Jag Card will everything work immediately?
In the case of any replacement Jag Card, the card number is changed. Most services, such as the meal plans and the Jag Cash, are managed in the Jag Card system, and will continue to work without interruption. However, door access to some residence halls may be affected. You may need to go by USA Housing to have it changed in their system.

How do I add money to my Jag Card?
You can add Dining Dollars though the Dining Services.

What is the difference between Bonus Bucks, Dining Dollars, and Jag Cash?
Bonus Bucks is money that is tied to the purchase of a meal plan. It is your “Bonus” for buying a meal plan. They do expire at the end of the school year. You can NOT add additional Bonus Bucks.
Dining Dollars is money that can be used at on-campus dining locations only. They DO NOT expire until graduation.
Jag Cash is money that can be used at on-campus dining locations, off-campus locations that participate in the Jag Cash program and Jaguar Productions. Jag Cash expires May 2, 2024.