Title IX Training

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The University of South Alabama is committed to creating an environment where students, faculty, staff and visitors are free from sex discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual violence. In support of the University's commitment, the Title IX Office has established a highly qualified group of individuals to assist in managing the Title IX program. The Title IX Office is dedicated to educating the members of the Title IX Team, Decision-Makers and the University community on Title IX related issues and relevant federal regulations. The Title IX Office offers a variety of trainings and presentations designed to educate, raise awareness and foster important conversations regarding Title IX. If you would like to request a Title IX related training or presentation, you can contact the Title IX Office at (251) 460-7280 or email our Title IX Specialist , Ms. Julia Kristman, at juliakristman@southalabama.edu

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Training Material

The Title IX Team and Decision-Makers have completed high-level training and certification programs to prepare and assist them in fulfilling their assigned responsibilities within the program.  Trainings and presentations are facilitated on a continuous basis throughout the year. The trainings and presentations that have been completed by the Title IX Team and Decision-Makers are provided below. 



Training Completed by Title IX Team Members & Decision-Makers
ATIXA Title IX Coordinator & Administrator Training & Certification
Title IX Coordinator & Title IX Specialist/Investigator
ATIXA Title IX Civil Rights Investigator Training & Certification
Title IX Specialist/Investigator & Title IX Co-Investigator
ATIXA Hearing Officer & Decision Maker Training & Certification
USA Student Conduct Administrator
Title IX Update Mini-Retreat Training
Title IX Committee Members
Title IX Orientation/University Disciplinary Process Training
University Disciplinary Committee Members
Title IX/Sexual Assault/Trauma Informed Response/Support Advocacy Training
Support Advocates
Title IX/Respondent Advocacy Training
Respondent Resources