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Guidelines for Speaker Requests

The USA Speakers Bureau provides speakers for a wide range of groups including service, community clubs and civic organizations, non-profit organizations, professional and educational associations, senior centers, churches, school groups, museums, and the USA campus community.

Although we cannot guarantee that a speaker will be available to attend your event, following the guidelines below will increase the chances of finding the right speaker for your event.

Eight Week Lead Time

Requests for speakers should be submitted at least eight weeks in advance of the program date. Speakers Bureau facilitators will make every effort to accommodate requests with shorter planning windows, but an eight-week window is recommended to allow the speakers time to plan and the organization time to promote the event.

Three Per Year Program Limit

Each organization is limited to three USA speakers per 12 month period. Speakers provide their time and expertise at no cost, and must balance very heavy schedules. The three-speaker limit allows the Speakers Bureau to extend resources to reach as many organizations as possible.

Minimum Audience Size (25 people)

Because of the significant time speakers pledge to each event, organizations should only request speakers for events at which a minimum of 25 people are expected.

Contact Instructions

Once we have confirmed your speaker, we will send you their contact information. We strongly recommend you then make direct contact with the speaker to discuss special needs and technology expectations.


Our faculty and staff speakers participate on a volunteer basis. If you are requesting a speaker for a fee-based event, or for an event for which you generally have paid speakers, please consider extending the offer of an honorarium to the participating USA Speakers Bureau member.



The USA Speakers Bureau is facilitated by the USA Office of Marketing and Communications. Before completing this form, please consult our list of speakers to make your selection. Then complete and submit the form, and you will be contacted by our staff. Due to the busy schedules of our faculty, we ask that you identify at least three potential speakers.

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