Frequently Asked Questions

Who can request a speaker?

Community organizations including businesses, nonprofit organizations, professional associations and schools are welcome to request speakers.


Is there a minimum audience requirement?

To be respectful of our speakers, who are volunteers, we ask that speakers only be invited to an event with a minimum of 25 attendees. To discuss an exception, please email Joy Washington at to discuss your request.


How much lead time is needed?

An eight week lead time is preferred.


How should the speaker be introduced at the event?

Please use information from the speaker’s official bio, which can be accessed on the Speakers Bureau website. Please acknowledge the University of South Alabama in all event publicity and in your introduction of the speaker.


Do I have to pay a fee?

This is a free service. However, if you typically offer an honorarium, please discuss that with the speaker.


Who do I contact if I must cancel my event?

Please contact the speaker directly and then email Joy Washington at