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With over 800 programs in 60 countries, your opportunities to study abroad are endless! Each program falls into one of four categories: Faculty-Led Programs, Exchange Programs, Partner Programs, and Direct Enroll Programs. What's the difference?  Check out this short video to help you pick the perfect program for you.

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▼   Faculty-Led Programs

Faculty-led programs are group programs led by USA professors.  All courses taken on these programs are USA courses and offer USA credits that will apply to your degree.

Program Professor Term
Faculty-Led Program General Application Various Various
USA Biology in Ecuador and the Galápagos Dr. Juan Mata May 2023
USA World Literature after 1650 in Italy Dr. Karen Peterson May 2023
USA Physics in Europe Dr. Martin Frank May 2023
USA Service Learning in Kenya Dr. Sylvia Waweru-Smith May 2023
USA Sustainable Practices in Iceland Dr. Ermanno Affuso May 2023
USA Seascape Ecology & Connectivity in Belize Dr. Amy Sprinkle May 2023
USA Visual Arts in Spain Dr. Christina Lindeman May 2023
USA Nature and Environmental Sustainability in the Brazilian Amazon Dr. Gabriel de Oliveira May 2023
USA Multicultural Business Studies in Ireland Dr. David Turnipseed May 2023
USA History in Germany: Nations, Nationalism, and Nazis Dr. David Meola Summer 2023

USA in Scotland & Northern Ireland: The Politics of Brexit and its Complications

Dr. Philip Habel Summer 2023

USA Culture and Communication in Italy

Prof. Katherine Koury Summer 2023

USA in the UK

Dr. Doug Marshall Summer 2023

USA Partners in Caring: Medicine in Kenya

Dr. Nancy Rice Summer 2023

USA in France: Language, Business, and Culture

Dr. Susan McCready Summer 2023

USA Mental Health and Social Services in the UK

Prof. Laurie Haas Summer 2023

USA: British Contributions to Science and Medicine

Dr. Alison Henry Summer 2023

USA Culture, Cuisine, Hospitality, and Tourism in Spain

Prof. Amanda Donaldson Summer 2023
USA History in Taiwan Dr. Harry Miller Summer 2023
USA Global Healthcare in Peru Prof. Stephanie McGilvray Summer 2023
USA Public Health in Thailand Dr. Kimberly Williams Summer 2023
USA Service Learning in West Africa Dr. Kimberly Pettway Summer 2023
USA Counseling in Italy Dr. Amy Upton Summer 2023
USA Spanish in Spain Dr. Zoya Khan Summer 2023
▼   Exchange Programs

Exchange programs are international university partnerships with which USA has a special, reciprocal relationship. USA students are directly enrolled in the host university and students from the host university attend USA. ALL students participating on exchange programs pay USA tuition at the in-state rate, and will be billed directly through their PAWS account.

Program City, Country Semester Available (TD) Relevant Majors
Aarhus University Aarhus, Denmark Spring, Fall, AY Humanities
Aalen University of Applied Sciences Aalen, Germany Spring, AY Engineering, Chemistry
State of Baden-Württemberg Baden-Württemberg, Germany Spring, AY Engineering
Breda University of Applied Sciences Breda, Netherlands Spring, Fall, AY Economics, Graphic Design, Hospitality Management, Sport Management and Recreation Studies
University de Castilla - La Mancha Cuenca, Spain Spring, Fall, AY Spanish Language
University of Cologne Cologne, Germany Spring, AY Business, German Language, Political Science, Education, Sociology, Psychology, Economics
ESC Rennes School of Business Rennes, France Spring, Fall, AY Business
Universitat Passau Passau, Germany Spring, AY German Language
Inha University Incheon, Korea Spring, Fall, AY Humanities and Business
Hanyang University Seoul, Korea Spring, Fall, AY Business
Kansai Gaidai University Osaka, Japan Spring, Fall, AY Humanities, Arts, Business, Sciences
Hamburg University of Applied Sciences Hamburg, Germany Spring, AY Engineering
Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe, Germany Spring, AY Engineering
Offenburg University of Applied Sciences Offenburg, Germany Spring, AY Engineering
Western Sydney University Sydney, Australia Spring, Fall, AY Most majors
Ulm University of Applied Sciences Ulm, Germany Spring, AY Engineering
Toulouse Business School Toulouse, France Spring, Fall, AY Business
Sheffield Hallam University Sheffield, England Spring, AY Hospitality Management and Tourism
Universidad San Francisco de Quito Quito, Ecuador Fall, Spring, AY Most Majors
University of Angers Angers, France Fall, Spring, AY Most Majors

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▼   Virtual Program Opportunities

USA virtual programs allow students to gain international experiences and perspectives from their homes! For most programs, students are billed by the program provider or host institution and pay fees directly to host. Students will not pay USA tuition, but will be charged a course/administration fee.  Not sure what a virtual program is?  Ask!

 Virtual Opportunities
Virtual Opportunities
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