How to Apply



Step 1: Meet with your Academic Advisor,  and ask them to print off your Degree Audit.

Ask your academic advisor what courses you still need to complete your degree, what courses they recommend taking abroad, and when is the best time for you to study abroad.



Step 2: Schedule an appointment with one of our Study Abroad Advisors and bring your degree audit!

Our study abroad advisors will help you learn how to navigate our programs database and the application process. They can talk to you about scholarships, financial aid, and even help you determine the best program for you. If you have any questions, our advisors have answers!


Plane flying around the globe
Apply to your favorite program!


When you choose your study abroad program, click the "apply now" button in the right-hand corner or the bottom of each program page.

Screenshot of Apply Now screen

Application Deadlines

Make sure to reference your program's application page for specific deadline.

Fall - March 
Spring - October
Summer - February