CPC What to Wear

Example of what to wear at Sisterhood Party
Sisterhood Round

These events are more formal; a dress suitable for church or a nice dinner is recommended. Keep in mind that this is not the most formal night. 
Example of what to wear at Preference Party
Preference Round

Preference parties are the most formal of all. Dress in your Sunday best, or even a nice cocktail dress.


Example of what to wear at Philanthropy Night
Philanthropy Night

These events are the most informal of all.  Panhellenic will provide you with a Go Greek t-shirt that you can pair with shorts or pants.  Keep in mind you that you still need to dress neatly and appropriately.  
Example of what to wear at Bid Day
Bid Day

On this day you will receive your bid to a sorority. Bid day activities vary by chapter. This is very informal so wear comfortable shorts and sandals or flats.