Fee Schedule

The following schedule is on a per-semester basis unless otherwise designated and until further notice. 

Special Course Fees - See Schedule of Classes.

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Miscellaneous Fees Fee
Academic Infrastructure & Technology Undergraduate 0-11 hours $60.00
Academic Infrastructure & Technology Undergraduate 12 or more hours $100.00
Academic Infrastructure & Technology Graduate 0-5 hours $60.00
Academic Infrastructure & Technology Graduate 6 or more hours 100.00
Biomedical Library Fee $10.00
Computer Laboratory Fee Low Use $15.00
Computer Laboratory Fee High Use $22.00
Undergraduate Application Fee 35.00
College Level Examination Program Recording Fee 10.00
Credit by Examination Fee (plus usual course fee) 30.00
Graduation Application Fee 65.00
ID Fee (non-refundable) 10.00
International Health Insurance (non-refundable) Fall 1368.00
International Health Insurance (non-refundable) Spring/Summer 1896.00
International Student Fee 100.00
Late Payment Fee (non-refundable) 50.00
Late Registration Fee (non-refundable) 100.00
Orientation Fee (non-refundable) Fall New Freshmen 100.00
Orientation Fee (non-refundable) Fall Transfers 100.00
Orientation Fee (non-refundable) Spring and Summer 100.00
Professional Liability Coverage (non-refundable) Fall Semester 12.00
Professional Liability Coverage (non-refundable) Spring Semester 12.00
Professional Liability Coverage (non-refundable) Summer Semester 1.00
College of Medicine Liability Coverage (per academic year,non-refundable) 51.00
Re-evaluation Fee (see Bulletin) 25.00
Resource Fee (Allied Health/Nursing} Fall Semester 169.00
Resource Fee (Allied Health/Nursing} Spring Semester 169.00
Resource Fee (Allied Health/Nursing} Summer Semester 169.00
Resource Fee (College of Medicine} Fall Semester 254.00
Resource Fee (College of Medicine} Spring Semester 254.00
Transcript Fee (per transcript) 10.00

Since personal expenses including books, supplies, and living expenses vary, no attempt is made to estimate such costs.

The University reserves the right to change fees, as deemed necessary by the Board of Trustees, without prior notice.