Commuter Meal Plans

▼   Who can buy a commuter meal plan?
Students who live off campus, faculty and staff can purchase a commuter meal plan.  Students living in University Housing residence halls are not eligible to purchase a commuter meal plan.
▼   What type of commuter plans are offered?

Commuter Meal Plan Types

Payment options to purchase a plan:

  • Paid in full at the point of purchase.
  • Added to the student account with sufficient approved/memo-ed financial aid. Scholarship recipients should contact the Office of Scholarship Services to verify if their scholarship award can be used as payment.
▼   Where can I purchase a plan?
▼   Commuter Meal Plan Details
  • Plans may be purchased for Fall semester beginning– July 15, Spring semester – December 15 and Summer semester – May 1
  • Students must be enrolled for the current semester for the meal plan to be active.
  • The plan is added to your Jag ID and used by swiping your ID at the dining location.
  • Allow up to two business days for the plan to become active and available for use.
  • Meal plans are for one semester and are not added for the upcoming semester unless requested.
  • Unused fall bonus bucks will roll to spring and be available to students enrolled for the spring term. Bonus bucks remaining at the end of spring or summer semesters do not roll to the next semester and expire.
  • Dining dollars do not expire and are available for enrolled students.
  • 10 guest meals are included with any ‘Jag Pass’ plan.
  • At the point a student is not enrolled or withdraws from the University the meal plan will become inactive and any remaining funds will not be refunded.
  • Refund policy for cancellation of a Commuter Meal Plan:
    1. First two weeks of classes - Daily prorated cost of the plan and actual usage
    2. Saturday after the 2nd week of classes until end of term – No refund