Industrial Hygiene



Department of Safety and Environmental Compliance


The Industrial Hygiene program is vital to a comprehensive Safety and Environmental Compliance program. Primarily the University's Industrial Hygiene program focuses on monitoring workplace conditions for effective ventilation, personal protective equipment requirements, chemical and biological engineering controls as they relate to safety. This includes personal and area air sampling, surface sampling, indoor air quality (IAQ) investigations, noise surveys, ergonomic studies, employee training, and determination of controls needed to prevent occupational injury or illness.

Safety and Environmental Compliance provides the following services as they relate to Industrial Hygiene: biological safety cabinet and chemical fume hood testing, asbestos surveying and sampling, indoor air quality testing, coordinates replacement and monitoring of HEPA building filtration systems, confined space and respiratory protection program oversight, water quality testing, and insures engineering standards on hazardous materials storage facilities are in compliance with applicable regulations.


Chemical Fume Hood Information