Guidelines & Fact Sheets



Department of Safety and Environmental Compliance


ARC Flash Program

Building Safety Coordinator Scope of Responsibilities (PDF)

Chemical Hygiene Plan (PDF)

Universal Wastes

Comprehensive Lab Safety Checklist (PDF)

Chemotherapy Spill Response (PDF)

Eye Wash and Safety Shower Checklist (PDF)

Fire Manual (PDF)

Fume Hood Guidelines (PDF)

Guidelines on Space Heaters (PDF)

Hazard Communication Manual (PDF)

Holiday Decorating Guidelines (PDF)

Hot Work Checklist (PDF)

Lab Safety and Chemical Waste Management Refresher Fact Sheet (PDF)

Laboratory Relocation Guideline (PDF)s

Nasal Narcan Procedure (PDF)

Oil & Petroleum Based Spill Prevention, Control, and Counter Measure Plan (PDF)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the Lab Setting

Respiratory Protection Program (PDF)

Waste Minimization Plan (PDF)