New Mental Health and Wellness Resources for Students

The University Counseling and Wellness Center recognizes that, at times, college can be especially stressful. We encourage you to try some of the practices below that have been scientifically demonstrated to support mental health and well-being.


Physical Activity

Great for Your Body, Great for Your Mind - Every Move Counts

Social Connection

The Power of Social Connection

What Makes a Good Life: Lessons from the Longest Study on Happiness

Friends = Happiness

Ways to Improve Social Connectedness

Mindfulness (and Other Contemplative & Faith Based Practices)

Understanding Mindfulness 

Guided Point Meditation by Rev. angel Kyodo Williams

The Daily Examen: A Guided Journey Through Reflective Prayer & Meditation


The Space Between Self-Esteem & Self Compassion

The Power of Self-Compassion

How to Be a Friend to Yourself

Self-Compassion Practices & Exercises


The Science of Gratitude

Want to be Happy? Be Grateful. 

25 Reasons to be Thankful

How to Practice Gratitude

Social Media Literacy

Mental Health & Social Media

Healthy Social Media Use

Health Advisory on Social Media Use in Adolescents (Applicable for All Ages)


How Sleep Boosts Well-Being

Sleep & Mental Health

And if you ever need additional support, please reach out to and utilize any of the following free resources: