How To Handle Drug-Drink Offers

  • SAY NO FIRST. Practice saying no first without hesitating when offered drugs or alcohol. Remember that if you hesitate, people will tend to doubt your sincerity. Be direct and firm.
  • SUGGEST AN ALTERNATIVE. After saying no, suggest something else. For example, in declining alcoholic drink, you might say that you would like a soft drink instead. Depending on the situation, you might suggest another activity such as going to the recreation center or taking in a movie.
  • REQUEST THAT THE PERSON STOP ASKING. If the person is persistent, ask him/her to stop offering you drinks or drugs.
  • CHANGE THE SUBJECT. After refusing, deliberately change the subject in order to avoid getting caught up in a long debate about drinking or drug use.
  • AVOID EXCUSES AND VAGUE ANSWERS. In most cases, it is better to try to avoid using excuses such as "I can't drink right now because I'm taking some medication." Such excuses can make it difficult for you to refuse later.
  • REMOVE YOURSELF FROM THE SITUATION. If necessary, leave the area where you are being offered drugs or alcohol. Understand that to reduce the pressure to use drugs or alcohol may involve choosing to change the people with whom you associate.
  • If you desire further assistance regarding this issue, contact the Jag Intervention & Recovery at (251) 460-7051.