Adventure Trips

Female student in kayak in water


All Outdoor Adventures trips include equipment and trip guides. Prior to each trip you will receive an email with important information such as meeting time and location, weather updates, a detailed packing list, and any additional paperwork. For all trips we ask that you bring a water bottle, meals (if prompted), and snacks, wear appropriate clothing and footwear, and bring sun protection such as a hat or sunscreen. Night trips also require a headlamp or flashlight. 

All Outdoor Adventure trips require a signed liability waiver.  See below for more information. 


Trip Calendar and Descriptions


▼   Trip Registration Policies

All outdoor trip registrations and payments are made online via the Campus Recreation Portal. Payment is made at the time of registration. 

Please contact if assistance with online registration is needed.

We have three price categories for our trips: Student, SRC Member and Guest. Please note that some of our trips may be open to currently enrolled students only, and not all of our trips may be offered for guests. 

Student: This price is for students currently enrolled in USA classes. If you are taking a semester off from academic classes and are not enrolled, you may purchase an Unenrolled Student semester membership. This will allow you to pay the SRC member trip price. 

SRC Member: This price is for all non-student membership types at the SRC: faculty, staff, alumni, retiree, spouse, dependent, unenrolled student, and plus one. 

Guest: This price is for non-members, including faculty/staff who are not members of the Student Recreation Center. 

Refund and Cancellation Policy: 

Refund and cancellation dates are trip-specific. Details are in each trip's description on the Campus Recreation Portal and in the receipt that is emailed upon registration.

If a trip is canceled by Campus Recreation and Wellness, then registrants will receive a full refund. 

Fill out our refund form to request a cancellation and refund. 

▼   Liability waiver

Participants under age 19 must have a parent/guardian sign the waiver ahead of time. Participants age 19 and over may sign their own waiver.

Adventure Trip Waiver