What is Management?

What is Management Featured Image showing Management students outside in front of trees.


Management is one of the most dynamic roles in any successful organization. All organizations need managers, leaders who are responsible for setting the long-term direction for the organization and managing the day-to-day activities to ensure success.  Managers must be attuned to the organization’s environment to be vigilant for opportunities that allow the organization to grow in order to fulfill customers’ needs.  Managers must also be aware of the organization’s resources and strengths and take action to continuously improve the organization.

All businesses and not-for-profit organizations need effective managers.  Organizations need general managers who oversee the entire operation and managers who specialize in the various functional areas, such as accounting, finance, human resources, marketing, legal, and operations.

Managers must have effective communication, analytical, and motivational skills.  It is the manager’s responsibility to hire the best employees, and to develop and retain employees.  Our curriculum prepares individuals to be effective managers in many types of organizations.

For students who are creative and want to establish their own companies, the entrepreneurship concentration will meet your needs.