Dr. Mickey B. Smith

Dr. Mickey B. Smith

Assistant Professor

Research Interests

Dr. Smith’s research focuses primarily on employee personality, organizational environments, and leadership. Specifically, his research investigates the impact that dark personality traits, organizational climate, and leadership collectively have on employee performance. His research has been published in Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Management, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Journal of Business and Psychology, International Journal of Human Resource Management, among other outlets. He has presented his research at various professional conferences (e.g., Academy of Management, Southern Management Association, Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychologist). He has consulted for organizations in various industries on topics including leader development, personnel selection, and creating organizational surveys.


  • Ph.D. in Management
    Oklahoma State University
  • M.A. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology
    University of West Florida
  • B.A. in Psychology
    University of South Alabama


  • Howard, M.C., Follmer, K., Smith, M.B., Tucker, R., & Van Zandt, E. (2021). Work and suicide: an interdisciplinary systematic literature review. Journal of Organizational Behavior.
  • Greenbaum, R.L., Bonner, J.M., Mawritz, M.B., Butts, M.M., & Smith, M.B. (2020). It’s all about the bottom-line: Group bottom-line mentality, Psychological safety, and group creativity. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 41, 503-517.
  • Howard, M.C., Cogswell, J.E., & Smith, M.B. (2020). The antecedents and outcomes of workplace ostracism: A meta-analysis. Journal of Applied Psychology, 105, 577-596.
  • Webster, B.D., & Smith, M.B. (2019). The Dark Triad and organizational citizenship behaviors: The moderating role of high involvement management. Journal of Business and Psychology, 34, 621-635.
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  • MGT 601 – Seminar in Organizational Behavior (PhD Program)
  • BUS 600 – Seminar in Research Fundamentals (PhD Program)
  • MBA 505 – Managing People (MBA Program)
  • Various Undergraduate Courses in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources